Unique and Interesting Ringtones for Android Phones

If you want a ringtone that does not attract attention then DO NOT download these ringtone packs. We wanted to collect unique and interesting ringtones...you know, the kind of ringtone that makes everyone around you look and take notice.

We've collected a series of ringtone packs for Android that you can download through the following links or read more about them.

Alarm Ringtones Pack: alarms of all kinds from alarm clocks to air-raid sirens! You will not miss an incoming call with this ringtone pack!
Cats Ringtones Pack: cat lovers will definately want this ringtone pack!
Christmas Ringtone Pack: sounds of the holiday will let you know Christmas is near everytime your phone rings
Cow Ringtones Pack: Cow lovers will be moo'ved everytime someone calls.
Dogs Ringtones Pack: A must have ringtone pack for dog afficionados.
Farts Ringtone Pack: WARNING: This one is not for everyone. You will definitely get looks if someone calls you in public. You must have strong self-confidence to use this ringtone pack.
Halloween Ringtone Pack: You, and everyone around you, will not forget that the scariest day of the year is on its way with these ringtones.
Jungle Ringtone Pack: These are the ringtones for the denizens of the jungle! You will definitely show off your wild-side when your phone "ROARS" an incoming call!
Phone Ringtone Pack: Phones just don't sound like this anymore! Your phone will even feel larger when you answer a call with these ringtones.
Sexy Ringtone Pack: WARNING: Extreme testosterone alert! Don't use these ringtones unless you are man or woman enough!
Urban Ringtone Pack: Urbanites who want to embrace it and displaced city-dwellers who miss the city should use this ringtone pack.
Weapons Ringtone Pack: WARNING: Incoming calls may make passersby duck for cover!